Top 11 DIY lava lamp Video Tutorials

Top 11 DIY lava lamp Video Tutorials

Top 11 DIY lava lamp Video Tutorials

Top 11 DIY lava lamp Video Tutorials

1-DIY Lava Lamp Lip Gloss

Lipstick and Lip gloss are essential item in the makeup kit. Update your makeup kit with this homemade Lava Lip Gloss.


Transform your OLD and BORING School Supplies DIY Lava Lamp Inspired Pen.

3-DIY Glitter Lava Lamp

This is a great life hack for anyone who wants to add something really cute to their room, or as a simple, easy and affordable way to make your next school, birthday or girl party a success.

4-Simple Lava Lamp At Home

This is an easy tutorial to make a lava lamp at home with recycled material. It is perfect for your kids.

5-Make Lava Lamp Easy Tutorial

Super easy to do with simple ingredients that you have around the house. This lava lamp tutorial was so much fun to make. You can create any color and turn it into your own lava lamp creation.


Have you ever used Liquid lipstick? if not then this is the time to make your Lava Liquid Lipstick at home and become more attractive and beautiful.

7-Make a Lava Lamp

A perfect science project to make a lava lamp using laboratory equipment for your students and kids.


In this video we go to power to see since there is done a lamp that simulates the formation of a galaxy. With recycled materials, we will do an easy manualidad and for the children.


In this tutorial there is a new and updated method of doing the Lava nails so the nail will not be so thick looking and humped up . I hope you like it and will try it.

10-Orbeez Lava Lamp Diy

A beautiful Lava Lamp that can be made with simple items and can be used in your drawing room as decoration.

11-LED Lava Lamp RGB cycle

Make glowing multicolored LED Water Lamp at home using recycled bottles. It is a fascinating glowing LED water lamp that is very simple to make and resembles a homemade lava lamp. This DIY lamp is made using an old bottle, a RGB Led and a coin cell battery.