12 DIY kitchen decor ideas

Don’t need to buy that fancy decoration for your kitchen make your own at home. Try these 12 DIY kitchen decor ideas to help you to give new look to your kitchen.

1. Paint Dipped Spoons

Simple as a color fight to paint these spoons by just dipping them into the color. Details

2. DIY kitchen plant pot

For those of you who like plants, you can try this method. Details

3. Printed Tea Pot

Turning the plain old tea pot to a fancily printed tea pot of this Era. Details

4.  Pallet for Dining Room

You’ve got to have a bit of fun as an adult that maybe flies over your kids’ heads. Details

5. DIY Open Shelving

Try this on this weekend, they turned out beautifully. Details

6. Painted Spoons Wall

This is super easy yet affordable and you can use the old spoons for this art too. Details

7. Mason Jars

This idea will surely brighten up your kitchen look. Details

8. Mason jar utensil holder

Perfect way to display your kitchen utensils in a charming, fun way. Details

9. Spoon Decoration Piece

Spoon decoration piece for your kitchen shelf just to increase the colorful side of your kitchen. Details

10. Tea Towels

Tea towels should be plain and cleverly printed and this idea of printing the tea towels is perfect to do. Details

11. Creative Kitchen Wall Art

Tree motif with hanging roots is interesting, and easy to make. Details

12. Burned Wooden Spoon

Burn the wooden spoons with a hot knife or any pointed thing to engrave the spoons. Details