20 cute DIY paper craft ideas

When it comes to crafting with kids, there’s one magical material that always comes through paper. That’s why we’ve gathered up 20 cute DIY paper craft ideas that will surely help you to increase your motor skills.

Beautiful Bouquet

Make a colorful bouquet that’ll never wilt, all with a few simple supplies. Details


Kids will enjoy flying their colorful bird crafts around all afternoon after creating them. Details


Kids will have a blast making this easy paper rocket craft. Details


This butterfly craft is a great way to reuse toilet paper rolls making it a really inexpensive to craft to make. Details

Paper Fortune Cookies

Kids love to make this fortune cookies in no time. Details

Fork Tulips

This paper art activity celebrates spring with a paint print and a fringe of green, green, green grass. Details

Construction Paper Ladybug

This ladybug craft is also a fun one for teachers to make as a decoration for their classroom. Details

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

These Toilet Paper Roll flowers are perfect to welcome Spring. Details

Halloween Toilet Paper 

Turn your toilet paper rolls into 4 different Halloween characters. Details

Printable Rocket Ship

This Printable Rocket Ship craft is a fun and simple activity for young children. Details

Octopus Paper Plate

This awesome paper plate crafts are great for kids of all ages. It’s easy to make and so fun. Details

Paper Umbrellas

This cute and fairly easy paper craft can be used as a decoration in spring season. Details

Printable Unicorn Puppet

Perfect for kids as an afternoon craft and a must have addition to your story time. Details

Paper Plate Sun

A fun and simple summer craft for kids, then this is a good one. Details


An incredibly easy and fun craft for kids this summer. Details

Pig Corner Bookmark

A super duper quick and easy Pig Corner Bookmark for kids. Details 

Paper Plate Dragons

Simply you need paper plates, paints or markers and a downloadable template. Details

Book Monsters

Make this adorable and creative craft with your family and friends. Details

Big Mouth Cat 

Easy to make so with some help preschoolers can make it too. Details


It will be fun making rainbow fortune cookies to learn Chinese greetings. Details