22 simple DIY Crafts

These 22 simple DIY Crafts are adorable, great for fine motor skills, and are just a really fun sensory experience.


This paper plate Christmas wreath is a simple and fun craft to make at school or home. Details

Jar of Sunshine

Give her a jar of sunshine from heart. Details

Paper Plate Turtle

Kids love making this easy and colorful Tissue Paper and Paper Plate Turtle. Details


Wood-confined mirror will make you take a second look as great. Details

Backdrop with Floral Accents

This stunning yarn backdrop will transform your great venue into a fantastic venue. Details


Make this fun rocking polar bear in no time. Details

Pom Pom Rainbow

Kids who love to sort and put things into color order will love this fun. Details

Matchbox Suitcase

This craft is for gifting any minute stuff to your best friend or saving some coins. Details

Wall Art DIY

Try to make these fantastic lavish and expensive looking wall arts in your home. Details

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite things about springtime. Details


Easy to make for all ages and as long as you have the ingredients they are really full of fun and cute. Details

Colorful DIY Key Windchime

Turn old keys into a DIY Key Windchime for your yard or garden. Details

Gardenia Flowers

Try this amazing gardenia flowers out of scrap. Details

DIY cocktail gift

Wrap up a mason jar drinking mug, soda and a mini bottle as a gift to your loved one. Details

Butterfly jar

This magical mason jar, filled with yellow light will definitely increase the beauty of your home. Details

Garden Flowers

Make these adorable Garden Flowers with clear plastic paints and acrylic paint. Details

Milk Jug Fairy House

Simply use stickers, glitter, feathers, paper, and more. Details


A wonderful art project for preschool aged kids, older kids will love this technique as well. Details

TP Roll Binoculars

Another classic kids craft that’s an all-time favorite. Details

Perler Bead Bowls

A great way to organize your trinkets and treasures. Details

Mason Flower pot

These amazing mason flower pots are just made by simple jar. Details

Beach Themed Monogram

Make a Beach Themed Monogram with shells and sand. Details