21 best DIY paper crafts

We have brought you these 21 best DIY paper crafts that you can enjoy to create some adorable and cute paper crafts of your own. 

Cupcake-Paper Carnations

Make a less efforts to turn them out into the lovely and colorful flowers. Details


Paper plates in a couple of different sizes are perfect so that you can make small and big llamas. Details


Create marbled paper garlands, or use a hole puncher to make colorful paper confetti. Details

Swirling Flowers

So cute and colorful, Try this amazing craft. Details

Paper Plate Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are gorgeous,  Make this through paper easily. Details

Metallic Paper Gardenia:

This dazzling white beauty flower is something really gorgeous. Details

Fall Tree

Decorate your home with this amazing craft of fall tree. Details

 17 Paper Craft Ideas

Matchbox Suitcase

Best craft idea for gifting purpose to your loved one. Details

Paper Dragon puppet

A great recycled craft by the use of a toilet paper roll for the dragon’s face. Details


it’s a paper craft kids will love customizing to make it their own. Details

Fine Motor Snakes

Use your fine motor skills to create this fun construction paper snake. Details

Paper Plate Flower

These flowers turn out to be quite stunning. Details

Bee Corner Bookmark

Perfect for a Spring or Summer Reading Project in the classroom. Details

Paper Plate Crown

This craft was so simple to make and we didn’t need to purchase any supplies. Details

Magical fairy house

This simple and quick craft also allows your child to let their creativity flow. Details


This is a super easy and fun paper craft you can use to celebrate New Years. Details

Emoji Mini Notebook DIY

If you love emojis, make this out on upcoming weekend. Details

Octopus Puppet

Pair of big eyes, and the most colorful appearance you’ll ever see in this puppet. Details

Wrapping Paper Craft

Make these cone trees for Christmas. Details

Make Up Storage

If you’re the type of woman who adores all things pretty, then you certainly have tons of makeup products make this for you. Details.