23 easy DIY home cleaning hacks

Make the home feel fresh, clean, and ready for summer. Here we bring for you 23 easy DIY home cleaning hacks that will surely help you to clean your home in no time.


Want to save the money,and time, There is an easy way to do this. Details


Some weird smells coming from your vacuum try this hack. Details

Clean Your Natural-Fabric Couch

Here’s a way to make your sofa look like new again. Details

Clean Windows Without Streaks

With a simple, streak-free cleaning solution and the right tools, your windows and mirrors will shine. Details

Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning wood floors is is pretty simple and easy with this trick. Details

Cleaning up Old Hardware

Grab a crockpot one that will NOT be used for food again and some dish soap. Details

Clean Stainless Steel

Use an inexpensive microfiber cloth and wipe with the grain of the stainless steel. Details

Clean Your Oven Naturally

Clean oven with all natural ingredients in few minutes. Details


Remove mineral deposits and build up from your shower head with filled with 2-3 cups of white vinegar. Details

Splattered mirror

All you need is Ammonia, Rubbing Alcohol and Dawn Dish washing Liquid. Details

Clean the Grout

Just mix 1/2 cups baking soda, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, and 1/2 tsp dish soap to totally clean it. Details

Clean Gunk and Grime from Kitchen Cabinets

Keep your clean cabinets looking gorgeous with this amazing hack. Details

Clean Your Coffee Maker

Clean your coffee maker with these ingredients in no time. Details

Clean Your Toaster

It’s quick and easy to clean the toaster. Details

Make your own carpet cleaner

Mix one tablespoon clear dish soap and one tablespoon white vinegar with two cups of warm water. Details

Clean the sink

Grab a denture cleaning tablet, open the cover, and drop it in the hot water in the sink. Details

Clean A Dirty Microwave

Clean a dirty microwave in 5 minutes with just a few things a bowl, vinegar, water, and a sponge. Details

Clean your stove vents

Two things you will need, a big pot and some baking soda. Details

Stain remover

Use a pumice stone, Crub the rust rings, and rinse clean. Details

Clean your baseboards

Spray with your favorite cleaner to easily clean your baseboards and walls. Details

Clean your oven

Place a pan of boiling water on the lower rack and a bowl of ammonia on the rack above it. Details


Amazing tutorial on how to clean your refrigerator coils. Details


Simply wipe your baseboard with a Magic Eraser or your favorite cleaner and rub with a dryer sheet to prevent future dust from collecting. Details