22 cool DIY CD craft ideas

Kids enjoy making crafts from old CDs, and they’ll learn to be very aware of the importance of recycling.

Snowmen Ornaments

These little snowmen are just the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. Details

CD Cardinal

Looks like one of the Angry Birds. Details

Upcycled Sun Catcher

Find a place to hang these beauties. Details

Tea Light Lamp

So much fun making these little tea light lamps. Details

Hands Feathered Turkey

The kids will love making this Thanksgiving turkey. Details

Feathered Owl

Hang in the cherry trees to keep the birds from eating all the fruit. Details


This would also make a cute Halloween decoration. Details

Mosaic Photo Frame

This is a very pretty and unique use for old CDs. Details


Any little girl would love making and using this purse made from CDs. Details

Mini Photo Album

Have some CD cases you don’t want to just throw away. Turn it into a mini photo album. Details

Adorable Crab

Help the kids make this adorable crab cd craft. Details

Photo Frame for Dad

Make a beautiful frame for Dad on Father’s Day. Details

Pencil or Pen Holder

A nice and inexpensive gift to make a parent, teacher or friend. Details


Boys, will love making a Wobblebot using CDs. Details

Napkin Decoupage Art

It’ll be easy finding beautiful paper napkins to make creative wall art. Details

Sequined Snail

An outstanding project for kids of all ages. Details

Picture Frame

These picture frames made from CD cases would be really lovely decorations for any room. Details


A great rainy day project that keeps the kids busy for a long time. Details

Playing Card Holder

This is such a great idea for little kids and for the elderly who have a problem holding a hand of cards. Details


This looks like a great project to do with the kids. Details

Scare Owl

This scare owl has got to be a ton of fun to make. Details