18 best DIY home decor projects

Add some playful style to your home with these inexpensive DIY ideas. We have gathered the 18 best DIY home decor projects.

Contain Your Pillows

Throw blankets contained in these adorbs pom pom baskets. Details

Patterned Dresser

IKEA chest with new hardware, paint, and wallpaper. Details

Wall-Mounted Easel

An easy way to put your kid’s artwork on display. Details

Gain Storage — Without Shelves

Gain additional space for vases, plants, mirrors, frames, etc. Details

Create Hanging Space

It’s also got all the industrial cool vibes. Details

Star Mirror

It costs less than $25 to make. Details

Vintage Chair Porch Decor

Grab the vintage styled furniture from there by paying just a little from your pocket. Details

Heart Photo Display

Win the heart of an Instagram loving friend or family member with this heart photo display frame. Details

Antique Birdcage for Wildflowers

It is the perfect blend of farmhouse chic and fairytale fantastic. Details

Steel Base Live Edge Table

This gorgeous dining room table offers the best of both worlds. Details

Display Dinnerware

You just need DIY A-frame ladder shelves. Details

Suitcase Table

Use them for stashing blankets or books. Details

Mirror Decoration

Decorate a mirror with the help of recycle egg carton. Details

Menu Writing Board

Best decor for kitchen daily menu can be easily written on this. Details

Glass vases

These colorful vases give an elegant look to your home decor. Details

Toy Blocks With a Twist

Great rainy day project with kids. Details

Snowball Mason Jar Candleholders

A smaller snowball jar, it glows like its covered in real snow. Details