19 fun DIY kids craft ideas

These fun kids craft ideas are perfect for making to enjoy indoor, These DIY crafts for kids to make that parents will actually enjoy doing too!

Fingerprint Flowers

Create a lovely field of flowers. Details

fingerprint flowers

DIY Binoculars

Take your toddlers out for a day of bird sighting with their homemade binoculars. Details

diy binoculars

Natural Sun Catchers

Assemble using clear contact paper and paper plates. Details

natural suncatchers

Caterpillar Suncatcher Craft

This caterpillar suncatcher offers toddlers a fun indoor activity. Details

Sea Preschool Plate Craft 

A pretty blue fish bowl. Details

Bitsy Spider Hand Puppet

A great learning tool for teaching. Details

Spider hand puppet

Rainbow Tree Craft

A bucket filled with sand and then letting little ones paint it. Details

Sprout House

This is a great craft for kids of ages 4 through 9. Details

sprout house

Recycled CD Crab

Add wiggle eyes and construction paper limbs for an unlimited array of critters. Details

Recycled CD Crab

Felt Board Tree Craft

Create a tree and naturescape that reflects the season. Details

Scented Homemade Play Dough Craft

Create fun shapes and creatures with this dough craft. Details

Sea Glass and Driftwood Art

A beautiful supply to put together a Sea Glass. Details

Garden Ornament

This is a beautiful wreath that would make a great addition to your home. Details


A cute craft of footprint of your kids. Details


Kids can take a whack at this Teen Titans Go pinata. Details

Grass Heads

Your kids will never get enough of these crafty grass heads. Details