10 DIY Thanksgiving crafts ideas for toddlers

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Simple Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and kids of all ages.

Turkey Finger Puppets

Make these ahead of your Thanksgiving feast and your youngsters. Details

Pumpkin Handprint

Use tiny hands to stamp out pumpkins or red apples. Details

Turkey Pudding Cups

Get your kids to eat sweet potato pie. Details

Corn Husk Painting

Look positively dashing once they’re coated with a few strokes of colorful paint. Details

Feather Turkey Pin

Wear it with pride as you celebrate turkey day. Details

Wall of Blessings

Notes of gratitude make it easy. Details

Turkey Crowns

Your kids will feel so special wearing these crowns all dinner long. Details

Turkey Balloons

Googly eyes make every holiday more fun! Details

Paper Bag Turkey Puppets

It is just fun to slip their hand inside an item and make it talk. Details

Pumpkin Candles

These seasonal candles are a perfect gift for parents, teachers, or friends. Details