18 homemade DIY Christmas gift ideas

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Looking for homemade Christmas gift ideas? It’s easier than you think to get crafty this Christmas. Here are 18 handmade gift ideas to get you started this season.

DIY Gem Earrings

Make a large batch to give to all of the special women in your life. Details

Dip Dyed Woven Baskets

These beautiful woven baskets make life easier for people with busy lifestyles. Details

DIY Air Plant Pots

These air plants make for bright and uplifting decor. Plus, they last all year along. Details

Gingerbread Fudge

Eat these delicious treats this Christmas! Details

Fabric Covered Christmas Tree Ornaments

The color and pattern possibilities are endless. Details

Stamped wooden utensils

These stamped wooden utensils don’t take long to make. Details

Chunky Knit Blanket

An expensive knit blanket, make your own by following this three step tutorial. Details

Edible Snow Globes

It looks like a snow globe, it shakes and snows like a snow globe. Details

Snow Globe

This craft is as inexpensive as it is gorgeous. Details

Knit Potholders

Choose a neutral color like grey or match the kitchen decor of the special person on your list. Details


Star Paper Lantern

These star lanterns are absolutely gorgeous, and with the differing sized templates. Details

Homemade Play Dough

You can make it smell yummy, and you can make a whole lot! Details

Animal Memo Holders

These quirky memo holders will steal the show on their work desk. Details

Paper Poinsettia Flowers

Everyone will be shocked these blooms are made out of paper. Details

Galaxy Painted Notebook

Create a galaxy scene on the front and back covers. Details

DIY Battleship Sweets Game

Your friends will be shouting A2 and sinking battleships in style. Details