20 terrific DIY craft ideas

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Gather the simple supplies needed for each craft and have fun with your kids. We’ve found you 20 terrific DIY craft ideas for your little kids.

Paper and Rock Fairies

A cute craft that turns plain rocks into magical fairies without too much effort! Details

String-Wrapped Beads

You can actually make beads from straws too. Details

Paper Plate Oshawott Craft

The cute little creature comes to life in this paper plate craft. Details

Polystyrene Igloo

This is really simple to make with white packing peanuts. Details

Apple Tree Craft

You can also use red pom pom balls instead of crumpling up red tissue paper. Details

DIY Pokémon Go Pins

Choose your favorite team and make the matching pin, or go ahead and make the whole set! Details

Jumping Pixies

A grand time making the pixies jump into the egg carton cups. Details

Pressed Plant Bookmarks

Their simple beauty makes them a wonderful gift for friends too. Details

Clothespin and Buttons Race Cars

Clothespins and buttons are the main supplies needed to make this race car. Details

Egg Carton Tulip

Recycle some egg cartons into this craft. Details

Plastic Bottle Flower

Use bottles to create this pretty flowers. Details


Best way to make the kids smile at the end of the day. Details

Gas Pipe Washi Tape Holder

It looks classy in the craft room. Details

Minnie Eyeshadow Palette

A perfect starter for girls starting to wear makeup. Details


Kids love keeping busy with crafts during Thanksgiving meal prep. Details

Corn Collage

Celebrate the excitement of fall harvest by engaging kids in this creative corn collage craft. Details


Make these beautiful DIY paper marigold in just few minutes. Details


crepe paper peony that will fool everyone into thinking its real. Details