16 Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideas

It’s easier than you think to make DIY Christmas ornaments. Grab the kids and start crafting these Christmas ornaments we bet nobody else has.

Vintage Map Ornament

Recycle your old paper maps by turning them into ornaments! Details

French Macaron Ornament

Give your tree a French twist by adding these colorful sweets! Details

Stuffed Ornaments

By scanning photos, printing them out on fabric sheets. Details

Deer Wood Slice Ornament

Use odds and ends from past craft projects to embellish wood slices. Details

Bottle Cap Snowmen

This easy craft is perfect for kids. Details

3D Deer Head Ornament

A three-dimensional paper craft from Michaels into a hanging ornament. Details

Gnome Ornament

Some felt limbs on pinecone from your yard. Details


Create a picturesque camping scene with s’more ornaments. Details

Star Ornament

This decoration only requires faux-bois scrapbooking paper. Details

Fabric Ornaments

Adds crafty style to the edges of these festive fabric shapes. Details

Mini Mittens

A perfect addition to a wintry Christmas tree. Details

Red Nose Reindeer Ornament

A little bit of fabric scrap to create a miniature Rudolph. Details

Bundled-Up Penguin

This adorable arctic bird and his fringed scarf are made with only basic stitches! Details

Simple Popsicle Stick Sled

Create a miniature version of Santa’s sleigh. Details

Recycled K-Cup Snowman Hat Ornaments

Turn K-cups into the cutest little to hats. Details